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California Textiles has been a source for linen items and all types of towels and sheets, both domestic and import, since 1990, and maintains an inventory for fast delivery throughout the Unites States.

We carry a full line of both import and domestic bath towels in 10 yarn, as well as ring-spun 16 yarn. The extra-soft 16 yarn towels are designed for exceptional value for the level of quality.

Towels are available in a variety of colors, including white and ecru, as well as sizes ranging from bath towels to pool towels. We also carry a full line of colored hand towels available in 5 different colors. Bar towels are available in plain white, or ribbed or striped blue or gold.

Our sheets are available in white or beige, and have a standard thread count of ORT-200. The sheet fabric is muslin weave with eight stitches per inch. Sheets can also be made with colored hem threads for quick size identification.

We also manufacture our own dyes for over dying stained towels, and can provide fixative to add to the towel's color fastness.

We stock a variety of colors, ad we are currently working on an over dye that will allow all ecru or vanilla towels to match. We will also be able to dye uniforms in the near future.